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T.O.P. Marketing has profound experience in the technological development, implementation, ongoing execution, and tracking & reporting of Rewards and Recognition programs on behalf of important clients, servicing from 500 to 25,000 employees.

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We can arrange for either pre-approved product redemptions based on accumulated points, or can associate those points with a monetary value and employees can spend up to the amount of their dollar allocation.

Successful programs result from a strategic briefing from the HR management professionals, ongoing collaboration and list transfers to ensure an up-to-date database.

Core Components

The Steps Are as Follows:


T.O.P. Marketing has the in-house technical development expertise, account management, warehouse facilities and physical fulfillment resources and will guide you through best-practices.

T.O.P. Marketing’s reputation extends far beyond program development expertise. We are friendly. Accessible. Easy to reach. Easy to do business with. Helpful and supportive and communicative.

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