Sales Promotion

Even if your brand is iconic, it has competition. T.O.P. Marketing is an expert at giving your prospects and customers an extra compelling reason to purchase your product or service.

Even The Most Iconic
of Brands

When T.O.P. Marketing conceives of a sales promotion for your brand, it responds to your set of specific objectives. Ultimately, our sales promotions are designed to attract your targeted prospect or existing customer, generate or increase demand for your product or service and stimulate incremental sales and revenues.

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What Are Some of Our Strategic Programs?

  • Gift with purchase

  • Seasonal campaigns

  • Enter to win

  • Bundle pack

  • Contests

  • Cross sell promos

  • Sampling

  • Online discount codes

  • Trial period offers

  • On-pack

  • Special discounts

  • In-pack

  • Product offers

  • Collect to redeem

  • Loyalty offers &

  • Co-branded & joint

  • Digital coupons

  • In store point of purchase offers

  • Buy 1 get 1 free or discounted

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The T.O.P Marketing Approach
is Straightforward and Uncomplicated.

The Steps Are as Follows:

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